Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My story is in Chicken Soup for the Soul- Parenthood


I just couldn't believe it when I received an email from a Chicken Soup for the Soul editor telling me my story would be published in one of their upcoming anthologies! Holy smokes!!

You see, a very uplifting thing had happened to my girls and I a year earlier.  It was a personal story, one I shared just with my mom and mother-in-law.  Both women insisted the story was too good not to share.  It was a "chicken soup" moment, my mother had said.  I chuckled at her words, but nonetheless, took pen to paper to write it down.  In less than one hour I had completed it, the words had just flowed.  And, my voice was very different from my Mammatalk voice.  It was far more personal and was a tight squeeze for into their "under 1200 words requirements".

A whole year later, after almost forgetting about my submission, I received word that my story would be a part of their next anthology.  Chicken Soup for the Soul-Parenthood came out in March of this year with my story, "First Flight" right smack in the middle of them darn pages!  Ever since, my family and I have been stopping at every bookstore we can find to take pictures of the book sitting on the bookshelf. 

**My girls think I'm famous.**

For those of you who can relate to my story, please feel free to drop me a line.  For those of you who have yet to read it, I encourage you to pick up a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul-Parenthood.  The entire book is full of heart warming stories ( I know I'm biased!).

The Chicken Soup family were so wonderful to work with!  So warm and encouraging.  My greatest pride was my story had virtually no edits!  I truly feel some stories have a life of their own and just demand to be shared: They almost have a heartbeat and a growl which just won't subside until you share them with others.  I am so blessed and fortunate to have had this experience!

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Jill from Killeny Glen said...

WELL! Congrats to you! You ARE famous!